Type of lessons on school horses

Pony Rides- For the youngest children we offer 10 minute pony rides around the yard on our smallest ponies

Lead Rein Lesson (children) - For children from age 6 years and older we offer 45 minute lessons with ponies on the lead until the child can ride by themselves without a leader

Child Group - These are one (1) hour group lessons with a maximum of 7 riders in the group for children up to 18 years old that can ride without a leader in walk, trot and canter

Adult Group Lesson - For riders above 18 years of age we offer one (1) hour group lessons with 6-7 riders in the group in all levels from beginners to advanced

*Exception: If there are cancelations within the lesson and only two riders attend, the lesson will be 45 minutes in duration

Private Lesson (school horse) - We offer 45 minute private lessons on our ponies or school horses in both dressage and show jumping

*Show Jumping Lessons are only offered to students riding twice weekly

Semi Private Lesson- 45 minute lessons for 2 riders on school ponies or horses in all levels

Desert Hack- For experienced riders only, we offer a 90 minute hack out in the desert on prepared tracks with experienced guides

For Liveries

Private Lesson on own horse- 45 minute lessons in all disciplines

Semi Private Lesson on own horses- 45 minute lessons for 2 riders in all disciplines

Group Lesson on own horse- If you want to join one of our group lessons with you own horse, we offer one (1) hour lessons in a group at your level with 6-7 riders in the group

Lunging- We are available to lunge your horse for a 30 minute session if you need help with exercise or just want to learn how to lunge or work with your position on the lunge

Exercise/Schooling by instructor- Our instructors can, if you wish, school or exercise your horse for you in 45 minute sessions and will be charged as a private lesson